The Texas Health Improvement Network (THIN) is a multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional initiative working to catalyze population health improvement and health equity in Texas.

THIN seeks to:

  • SERVE as a trusted resource for decision-makers.

  • FACILITATE the use of data to drive population health.

  • ALIGN and increase resources for population health.

  • SUPPORT local and regional health improvement efforts.

THIN Projects include:

Telemedicine in Texas

Seeking to catalyze the increased use of telemedicine to improve population health and increase health equity in Texas.

Data Access

Identifying and advancing strategies to improve access to, and use, of health-related data to drive population health improvement.

Community Health Needs Assessments

Mapping and analyzing Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs) from non-profit hospitals and accredited health departments in Texas.

Lewis Foxhall, Physician-in-Chief at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, is the Presiding Officer for THIN. 

For more information contact: Eileen Nehme